The virus activates randomly on September 6th.

When it is activated, it uses the CPU's audio device to play a tune that was created by the author of the virus, which goes for about 1:49. While the tune is playing, the word "TECHNO" is typed all over the DOS screen in a slow manner, slow enough to make the user of the computer to feel as if a person was typing it at a continuous speed.

If the user of the computer presses any button on the keyboard, a line of text will stop typing the word "TECHNO" and type once the phrase:

»Don't touch the keyboard«

Once the word "TECHNO" is written all over the screen, the music stops and the word "TECHNO" is written in a large box at the center of the screen:

   T    E       C       H     H NN    N O     O
   T    E       C       H     H N N   N O     O
   T    EEEEE   C       HHHHHHH N  N  N O     O
   T    E       C       H     H N   N N O     O
   T    E       C       H     H N    NN O     O
   T    EEEEEEE  CCCCCC H     H N     N  OOOOO

And then it returns to DOS.

Other details

The virus contains the internal text strings.


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