The picture in Suicide appears to be someone hanging themselves. When the virus is run, it searches for executables, then writes itself to the end of the files.

It contains the text strings:

  *.COM *.EXE ..
  Written by Dark Angel of PHALCON/SKISM
  Ross M. Greenberg blows goats.

Sometimes it displays:

  Your PC has been infected by the Suicide virus.
  I would disinfect myself, but I despise DOS 2.X
  Upgrade now!    Brought to you by PHALCON/SKISM

It also display a visual effect of a whale being captured with the text:

  Your PC has been infected by the Suicide virus.
  I will now kill myself. Press D to disinfect.
  Hard at work to make your life
  a living hell

and waits for a keystroke. In case of 'D' key this virus disinfects the infected file.

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